Haxors VPN Mobile App

Brand design - Brand Identity - UX/UI

Project Description

Haxors VPN is an innovative virtual private network provider that caters to gamers and computer enthusiasts. I was hired as a UX/UI designer for their mobile app and website, which gives their customers secure internet access on the go!

The client’s app and website needed to be designed from the ground up. I was tasked with designing a complete brand identity, including logos and icons that are memorable and unique.

HAXORS Mobile App Wireframe

Brief & Idea

Haxors Mobile App mockup

The overall aesthetic of the company is reminiscent of hackers hiding in shadows with a cool vaporware vibe.

To give this design a cool, techy feel I went with an edgy font and a color palette that features deep purples and vibrant pinks.

Accents of hot pink provide added fun while metal elements add sophistication to the composition for something the client could proudly show off!

Interactive Prototype

Prototypes are an essential part of any project. They allow you to test out your ideas, see if they work before committing more time and money into development – not mention that it’s fun!

The client was thrilled when we delivered a perfect prototype that gave them everything they needed to hand off this project.

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