Brand Strategy, Next.js, UI/UX

Project Description

The Moretgage team got in touch with me to build a website and lead generation form for their new business. They are an organization that provides mortgage loan solutions specifically tailored towards self-employed or gig economy workers who cannot get loans from traditional sources, so they needed something unique.


We knew that based on the target audience we needed to provide solutions in an engaging, bright, and hopeful manner.  Otherwise the visitor might feel weighed down by their situation.

Artboards for Mortgage Desktop Website

Brand Strategy & Identity

We knew we wanted to create a website that would be friendly and engaging for our visitors. The Moretgage Team joined the project with a logo already designed, which gave us great starting point for our color choice as well. You can see how these vibrant blues promote calmness while green gives off such a confidence-building vibe.

We wanted to ensure that our tone of voice was always professional, confident, and fun. This included all landing pages as well as pieces of marketing which drive traffic towards the site.

Lead Generation & Development

With Next.js and Vercel for our tech stack, we were able to create a website that is both fast and reliable with security in mind. 

The client needed a way for the company’s various marketing campaigns to have their own dedicated landing page. I designed a solution that allowed them to create dedicated pages and a-la-carte pages on-the-fly.

Vercel’s CI/CD pipeline makes it easy for clients to preview changes before they’re deployed. The edge network ensures that visitors have the fastest experience no matter where in they are in the country. This is crucial since Moretgage serves campaigns nationwide.

Interactive Prototype