Carbon Network Solutions

Brand Identity - UI/UX Design

Project Description

I have a lot of experience in designing websites for clients who are tight on time constraints, and Carbon Network Solutions had one week before launch.

I knew just what would be necessary: a simple yet functional design with an emphasis on quick deployment so they could start collecting leads as soon as they got to their convention.

Immediately after our first conversation, I went straight to work. I designed the perfect logo and went straight to hi-res prototypes for them in no time at all.

The aesthetic of this company’s design was simple and clean. With whites, grays, or splashes of orange it had a nice 3 color palette that made everything stand out clearly in an attractive way.

Development & Deployment

Next.js was a perfect fit for this project because it is simple and easy to use. We needed to quickly integrate email handling and send analytics data back to the client while providing an incredible user experience for users on any device.

Next.js and Vercel’s edge network caching provided super-fast page load speeds in convention center’s slow, packed wi-fi networks. Static file hosting ensured reliability for all users whether they were at the convention or on a speedy 5G network.

Not only did the client get many leads, but they were also extremely happy with their website!